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Apartment Guide

Looking for Love? Try these Top Cities for Singles

Are you one of Beyonce’s Single Ladies? Member of the Lonely Heart’s Club? Whether you celebrate your singleton status or just can’t find a decent date, having a bigger pool of eligible candidates to draw from certainly helps your chances.

Apartment Guide

Top 50 Most Expensive Places to Rent in America

Though the idea of heading for the west coast is tempting, all that sunshine is going to cost you. With 29 of the top 50 most expensive places to rent located in California, it seems the state’s motto of “Eureka!” must mean “I have found the highest rents in America!”

Apartment Guide

The Top 10 US States for Veterans

The United States has military bases all over the world, however most of America’s veterans come home to settle back into American life. Where do they chose to live upon their return?


Top-Notch UK-Style Scarfing for Soccer

After living in the U.K. for nearly a decade, I came back to my hometown of Chicago with a passion for British pub foods and a crippling addiction to Arsenal Football Club.

Apartment Guide

Cook This: January is National Soup Month

Is it possible to have something delicious, filling, healthy and cheap? Fortunately, with January being National Soup Month, the answer is a resounding “YES!”


Handling Tough Interview Questions: “Do You Have Any Questions for Us?”

Being prepared to knock tough interview questions out of the park is essential. But how about when the tables are turned and it’s your turn to do the asking?


Flexible Work Schedules: The Key to Greater Productivity & Employee Satisfaction

In today’s job market, flexibility is the name of the game. Flexible work schedules and opportunities to work from home have become sought-after perks.


Hot or Not? The Top 10 Most Actively-Searched Rental Markets

Los Angeles, Houston, and Atlanta are red hot towards tail-end of peak moving season.


Beat the Heat in Your Apartment

When summer gets sticky and the temperature goes up, there’s nothing better than coming home to a nice, cool apartment.

Apartment Guide

Top 50 Cheapest Places to Rent an Apartment

There are some cities in the United States that you can rent an apartment for a lot less than the national average.


Live Review: The Strokes - Shaky Knees, Atlanta GA

Their first show of a busy summer sees Julian, Albert and co on killer form.

Apartment Guide

How Do I Rent an Apartment When My Partner Has a Bad Credit Score?

It's tough to admit it, but credit scores play a huge role in the apartment renting process.

Apartment Guide

Game On! Football Snacks that Won't Break the Bank

Gearing up for the big game at the weekend with a party at your place? If you're inviting your team of friends and family over to watch football, you're going to have to feed them.


The Strokes joined onstage by Mac DeMarco

The Strokes returned to the stage last night at Atlanta’s Shaky Knees Festival, with special guest Mac DeMarco briefly joining the band on stage.

Apartment Guide

The Best Ranked Cities for People with Disabilities

Finding the right place to live is tough, but it’s even harder when you have to take a disability into account in your search.